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The Miss CHS Pageant, Jr. Miss CHS Pageant, Little Miss CHS and Mr. CHS Pageant is sponsored in the spring each school year by the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Contestants are not only judged on stage presents and beauty the night of the pageant, but are also judged based on their meeting deadline prior to pageant night.The Mr. CHS are loyal supporters of FBLA who bring many people to our event!

Miss CHS 2016

Miss CHS 2016---Peyton Alexis Michelle Jessee (Miss CHS Congeniality (tie)), Samantha Carol Jackson (Miss CHS Congeniality (tie)), Emily Grace Castle (3rd Runner Up, Miss CHS Most Beautiful Dress (tie), and Miss CHS Congeniality (tie)), Bailey Damaris Christine Wright (Miss CHS 2016, Miss CHS Congeniality (tie), and Miss CHS Photogenic), Emily Higgins (Miss CHS 2015), Cassidy Grace Fleming (1st Runner Up and Miss CHS Most Beautiful Dress (tie)), Mandi Rae Hylton (2nd Runner Up, Miss CHS Sponsor, and Miss Most Beautiful Dress (tie)), Savannah Rachelle Smith, and Adrianna Nichole Turner (Miss CHS Sponsor and Miss CHS Congeniality (tie)).


Little Miss CHS 2016

Little Miss CHS 2016---Rilee McKenna Barnette (Little Miss CHS 2016, Little Miss CHS Congeniality, and Little Miss CHS People’s Choice); Choloe Collins (Little Miss CHS 2015), Rylee Faith Hicks (1st Runner Up and Little Miss CHS Photogenic).

   Jr. Miss CHS 2016

Jr. Miss CHS 2016---Kailey Ann Gabrielle Wright, Olivia Ashton Jessee, Daya Alexandra Hall (3rd Runner Up and Jr. Miss Most Beautiful Dress), Kayla Lane (2nd Runner Up and Jr. Miss CHS Congeniality), Makia Nichole Phillips (Jr. Miss CHS 2016 and Jr. Miss CHS People’s Choice), Morgan Wallace (Jr. Miss CHS 2016), Zoe Brooke Phillips (1st Runner Up, and Jr. Miss CHS Photogenic)), Mikayla Nicole Johnson, and Jenna Rylee Hess.

Mr. CHS 2016

Mr. CHS 2016—Jigglin Joshalin (Joshua Ball—Mr. CHS Most Outrageous Outfit), Cinnamon Candy (Dalton Mullins—Mr. CHS Cutest Feet in Heels), Kandy Elizabeth Rector (Ethan Rector—Mr. CHS Miss Clairol), Janica Lee (John Lee—Mr. CHS Best Show Off), Alexis Texas (Alex Woods—Mr. CHS Hairiest Legs), Big Booty Judy (Adam Puckett—Mr. CHS 2016), Annet Boneafete (Anthony Jackson—Mr. CHS Most Dazzling Eyes), Kayla Sharquesha Issaacs (Caleb Skeens, Mr. CHS Future Pageant Star), Peaches and Cream (Tyler Collins—Mr. People’s Choice Award), Dirty Diana (Draven Ward—Mr. CHS Most Dramatic!), Sexy Samoan (Gunner Jessee—Mr. CHS America’s Next Top Model), Big Brittany (Mr. CHS Best Catwalk Flair).